Humanity and economics lesson at the first Autoadesivi Magri company meeting

It was an enjoyable occasion in which we were all able to understand the new company and economic dynamics outlined by Maurizio Magri, CEO and leader, and Michele Magri, who together with Matteo Magri represents the third generation at the helm of Autoadesivi Magri.

Over the last year Covid and the problems connected with the shortage of some raw materials have cast doubt on whether being the leading producer with the biggest sales volumes is the right strategy.

The principle according to which the more you produce – the more you earn – the more you lower your costs is not so failsafe because this situation has also had a serious impact on the biggest and best structured companies in the business.

Conversely, the ability to quickly adapt to new production strategies has highlighted the advantage of being smaller than other better structured yet less flexible companies.

We learned that numbers aren’t the only thing that matter, that people count more than numbers.

For this reason Autoadesivi Magri is focused on improving both its workplaces, beginning with the production departments, and its interpersonal relationships, creating a human resources team that is able to understand people’s needs because a group of motivated people that supports the company’s mission will be one of the keys to our future.

Together we are ready for new challenges.

We want to do the things that we do every day better.