Established in 1979, Autoadesivi Magri s.r.l. is located in a village called Mascarino-Venezzano, near the city of Bologna. Proudly, Magri’s family, can boast the presence in the company of the third generation.

The versatile and well- organized frame allows to cut down the indirect costs and to pay particular attention to the quality of the produced adhesive tapes.

During last few years, the production capacity is doubled thanks to a new equipment of first technologic level.

We are present in the world market, where are able to keep our advantage on all the competition, and we confirm our role as a great benchmark.


Autoadesivi Magri is an Italian company with consolidated expertise and high-level technical know-how.

With a manufacturing facilities that extends itself on a 33,000 mq of surface and covers 13,000 mq, the factory focuses on the production of PET, KRAFT, PVC, BOPP, printed and coloured adhesive tapes and tapes for special application such as masking and reinforced, low tack, high tack.

We are present in the world market, where are able to keep our advantage on all the competition, and we confirm our role as a great benchmark.

In 2015 we obtained the ISO 9001 Quality Certificate

In 2019 we obtained FSC® certification for the production of adhesive tapes with PAPER backing as a chain of custody, i.e. as an authorized user of paper with the FSC® brand.


Autoadesivi Magri will provide all the assistance you need. Our staff will help you throughout the purchasing process, providing you with detailed information and 360° consultancy.

The technical department is available at all times to illustrate the best products to you and suggest the best solution. Our prompt and effective logistics service guarantees fast turnaround and delivery times all over the world.


Since it was founded Autoadesivi Magri has always focused on unceasing productivity and the updating and upgrading of its technologies.

Its machines and equipment are produced by partner companies who stand out in their individual sectors for their technological innovation and represent market leaders in terms of automation.

Company mission and philosophy meet innovative input. The company has recently introduced an innovative next-generation system for reusing reject material.


The next-generation systems, designed and used throughout the entire production cycle, stand out for their low environmental impact and substantial reduction of consumption.

Autoadesivi Magri has prioritised environmental sustainability since the outset. It also focuses similar attention on its employees and workplace, both in terms of safety and work quality.

Today the company can rightly claim to be environmentally friendly in every department. It has adopted numerous measures to this end: from the use of methane as a fuel to the introduction of major systems for the cleaning and recycling of water and the cleaning of air, with the complete recovery of solvents and volatile matter.

In 2010 it introduced a photovoltaic system which has enabled it to reduce its CO2 emissions by over 500,000 kg.


Autoadesivi Magri srl ha ritenuto necessario adottare un “Modello di organizzazione, gestione e controllo” in linea con quanto previsto dal Decreto 231/01.
L’applicazione di tale Modello e del Codice Etico di Autoadesivi Magri srl costituisce un riferimento per tutti i dipendenti e per tutti coloro con i quali l’Azienda interagisce (Fornitori, Consulenti, Clienti). Modello Organizzativo e Codice Etico recepiscono dunque integralmente i valori e i principi aziendali che da sempre guidano questa azienda e in cui essa si riconosce pienamente.
Autoadesivi Magri srl, secondo le previsioni di legge, ha inoltre istituito un Organismo di Vigilanza dotato di autonomi poteri di iniziativa e controllo, che ha il compito di vigilare sul funzionamento e l’osservanza del Modello; per poter esercitare al meglio le proprie funzioni l’Organismo di Vigilanza è destinatario e raccoglie le eventuali segnalazioni.
Le segnalazioni, gli esposti (anche in forma anonima), le richieste di informazioni ed ogni altra comunicazione inerenti l’eticità di Autoadesivi Magri devono essere indirizzate a:
Organismo di Vigilanza 
Autoadesivi Magri srl, 40050 Castello D’Argile (Bo), Via Quattro Vie n. 7.